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Urgent Care & Dentistry Marketing

Internet Marketing Specialists

Urgent Care 2.0 specializes in internet marketing for the medical realms of urgent care and dentistry. We provide services for all size enterprises. We use proven digital marketing algorithms and formulas to optimize every dollar you spend online, turning it into the best possible ROI. There’s no guess work with our website and social media analytics. We know exactly where your traffic is coming from, what content they’re looking at, and how to help you attract patients, so that you can be more successful. All of our urgent care marketing strategies are field tested and proven to get results.

Whether you’re an Urgent Care or Walk-In Clinic owner, your time is extremely valuable. If you’re a dentist that owns your own practice, you also know about time constraints. The last thing you want to do is waste your time spending hundreds of precious hours trying to figure out how to effectively use social media management to drive web traffic, how to determine the budget for pay-per-click ads, or flail in the sea of search engine optimization and wonder why your name still doesn’t show up on the first three search engine results pages. For most business owners, turning all this internet marketing mumbo-jumbo into revenue is about as easy as learning Greek – and urgent care marketing or marketing dentistry consumes just about as much time. Let us set up a consultation centered around your business. 

Regular “Accountability Reporting”

Updates let you rest easy knowing professionals are handling all of your urgent care or dentistry marketing.

Our urgent care marketing agency provides reporting that includes
website analytics, social media management insights, and a search engine optimization ranking report.
We put all of the data in an easy to read format so that the results are clear.