Patient Reviews – They Will Make Or Break You!

Over 90% of the US population use Google to find local products and services.  This means Urgent Care too!  As of right now, over 368,000 people in the us “Googled” the phrase “Urgent Care” in the last 30 days.  When the search results appear, Google will have detected the users local area and shown a list of relevant choices in the Maps area.  The first thing to pay attention to is your placement in that list.  If you are not in the top 3 you probably won’t get much attention… Unless you have something that stands out.  REVIEWS!!!  How are they looking?  Of that 90% that “Googled” to find you, 97% made their decision based on the reviews.  I have seen Urgent Care Clinics at the top of the Maps and never get any new business from it due to an overwhelmingly bad perception painted by the negative reviews of other patients.  Its hard work to get to the top of that list.  It would be heart breaking to have that work go to waste by bad reviews.

Now other Urgent Care Marketing companies will tell you that is the most trusted site to read reviews of physicians.  Well, I beg to differ!  The facts I see show otherwise.  If you go to, (a website to grade other sites and give insightful data) you can look up  It shows that over 67% of its traffic comes from search engines like Google.  That means that about a 3rd of their traffic is made up from referral and direct traffic or paid ads.  The majority does not even know that the site exists.  Now I will say that it is good to have your physicians’ profiles updated on Healthgrades, but I wouldn’t put as much time and effort into pumping reviews to it.  The other thing to consider about Healthgrades is that people are savvy.  When they see a site like this they feel as though they are getting pushed with the provider who pays the most to be at the top.  Although this is not always true of directory sites, it is quite common.  They also know that they are in the game to make money off of the traffic to the site through ads.  The 3rd thing is that it is yet another website in the way of them making a quick decision.  We don’t have time to click through directory to directory to find a reputable Urgent Care Clinic.  If they go to Google, which they do, they can see a list with reviews that are monitored and quality checked by Google, the worlds largest search engine.  By the way, only about 50,000 people in the last 30 days looked specifically for Healthgrades on Google.  Compare that to the above number of people who searched “Urgent Care” in the last 30 days. (368,000)  That doesn’t even count all of the variables of the phrase.  Example Urgent Care in (name a city)

If your clinic is having trouble getting found in the Maps area of Google, or if when they do find you they see several bad reviews, we can help.  The first step is filling out our request form for your Free Business Listing Report.

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