Marketing Flexibility In 2014

Hopefully your 2014 marketing plan has been in full swing and all is well.  Many of you reading this blog will think that all is well, but behind the scenes things are changing.  If you set your plan for 2014 and allowed for zero change to happen throughout the year you have made a big mistake!  It’s not too late though!  Here are 7 steps to take to prepare for the changes in 2014 that will make your marketing flexible and profitable.

  1. Learn your prospects – To know where the trends are headed you must think like a patient and use the tools they use to find and connect with your services.  The best way to do this is by asking your existing customers.  Ask them why they chose you.  Where/how did they hear about you?
  2. Supply our DIY society with data – We are a culture of taking things into our own hands.  The internet has been a great tool for empowering us with knowledge and the ability to research things.  If they are looking for it, you should be providing it.  Stay ahead of the medical trends on the internet and supply helpful content related to the trends.  The best channels to do this are via social media and a blog on your website.
  3. Changes to our national healthcare plans – The Affordable Care Act has many people confused and upset.  If you can be a beacon of light on this subject you will gain favor with many potential patients that will look to you as an authority on this and other healthcare related topics.  This will secure you as a reputable and informative place when they need actual health services.
  4. Take the first actions – If you are the one always having to catch up to the competition you will always be chasing their patients.  Take the initiative to lead the pack and stop getting left behind with your marketing efforts.  Technology is changing so fast that by the time you think you have caught up, you are now even further behind.  The ones who stay on top of it will adapt to the changes quicker and easier.  Just like keeping a good habit vs breaking a bad habit.
  5. Embrace change on all levels – In the world we live there is only one consistency, CHANGE!  Those who accept it and run with it will be the front runners.  It is even more prevalent in the medical and technology fields so buckle up!
  6. Balance Danielson – As made famous by Mr Miyagi in the 80’s… The phrase is true in marketing also.  There will not be a single silver bullet strategy that will get you where you want to go.  It is a delicate balance of many traditional and digital strategies working together to make it happen. Now go!  Wax on… Wax off!
  7. Track results, Track Competition – You will never quite know what is working and what is not if you don’t have the right systems in place to measure the success.  We have seen Urgent Care Clinics spend countless dollars on wasted efforts due to unchecked results.  They just saw a competitor doing it so they did it too.  It is important to track the competition along with your own results.  By doing so you will find examples of what is successful and what not to do.

With all of these steps you will need to adjust the plan accordingly based on the data received or the actions taken.  If you need help in these areas please get in touch with us.  We can provide you with a free analysis and consultation to get you up and running to the front of the pack. Click Here to get started on your free consultation!