Urgent Care Marketing Made Easy

Urgent Care Marketing Made Easy… Sounds too good to be true! That’s because it is! Truth be told Urgent Care Marketing is not a simple task. There’s quite a bit to it. Here are just a few of the items to consider to be successful at Marketing your Urgent Care Clinic.

  • Traditional Marketing & Advertising – TV, Radio, Phone Books, Billboards, etc.  You can blow an entire marketing budget right there!  Without proper guidance many Clinics do.  We understand that all of these have a proper place in the total marketing plan, but knowing how much to appropriate in each area will increase the effectiveness of the plan.  These areas are brand builders, location identifiers (Billboards) and daily life interrupters.  Traditional advertising is mainly about interrupting the things we do daily.  Many of these tactics have dropped their effectiveness considerably over the past 5 years or so.  People don’t want to watch TV commercials.  We have DVR or other streaming services like Netfix to bypass the annoyance of interruption based marketing.  With that in mind, how do you reach your potential patients?!  That’s where “Inbound Marketing” comes into play.
  • Non-Traditional Marketing & Advertising (Inbound Marketing) – Our population has grown exceptionally fond of the internet.  Americans spend more time in a day using the internet than TV and Radio combined!  It’s becoming the norm for households to no longer subscribe to any kind of Cable or Satellite service.  It’s also becoming the norm for people to listen to custom playlists or a music streaming service to bypass commercials and listen on demand.  The areas that we need to focus on for reaching these people are on the internet. Social Media, Streaming Videos, Search Engines, Internet Directories, etc.  We are a population that can now research the world around us and find the best deals for shopping, the most popular restaurants to eat at and many other things.  This means finding an Urgent Care Clinic.  What is your clinic doing embrace this change?  Those that grab on and use it to the fullest will be the ones on top.  Not only today, but for the future.  The internet is not going away.  It’s just getting bigger.

Don’t get overwhelmed!  We can help.  What may be difficult for you when it comes to Marketing your Urgent Care Clinic is easy to us.  It’s our dedicated focus and passion.  To find out how we can help just request a free consultation.  What could it hurt? Click Here To Get Started!