Medical Websites

When it comes to marketing your Urgent Care Clinic, the piece that ties it all together is the website.  Medical Websites can be a bit tricky.  It’s more than just a digital business card, it’s the place that potential patients will go to to find out where you are located, when you are open, what services you provide and many more important factors that will determine whether or not to use your urgent care clinic.  Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of the user experience and gain new patients!

  1. Can They Find Your Medical Website? – The first hurdle is getting visitors to the website.  This can be done by a number of ways.  SEO, SEM, Social Networking, Etc.  The majority of our clients are getting traffic through Google searches.  (Primarily in the Local Maps)  If you can’t get past this problem than the rest doesn’t really matter much, because no one is visiting the site.
  2. Is Your Medical Website Visually Appealing? – I have talked to several clinics that wanted to solve problem number 1. (getting found) When I look at their website I have to tell many of them that it’s a good thing they can’t find you right now.  If found they may just hit the back button due to how out dated the website looks.  It’s extremely important to keep things fresh in the way the site looks.  Excellence inspires people and it will make them feel good about using your clinic.  If your site looks like it was made in the late 90’s it’s a reflection of your overall business. Is that reflection “Outdated”?
  3. Is Your Medical Website Easy To Use? – I have seen countless medical websites that looked amazing at first glance, but the more you stayed on the site the more you realized that the site was hard to use.  Sometimes artistic beauty can get in the way of functionality.  This is a big no no.  It needs to look good, but the visitor came to the website for a reason.  If they can’t accomplish what they came for then all of that money spent to make the site look good just went down the drain.  Make sure the site is equally functional and visually appealing.
  4. Is Your Medical Website Static or Dynamic? – Static or Dynamic… What does that mean?  A static site is one that doesn’t change much if at all.  It is just a digital business card.  It has all of your important company information, or it should, some pictures of the clinic and maybe a contact form.  The major thing it lacks is “Engagement”!  Dynamic sites have the ability to constantly keep your visitors in the know about things going on in their community, healthcare, etc.  Many of these sites are built using a CMS. (Content Management System) This allows for someone without programing knowledge to easily add content and make updates to the website.  These sites have been found to be very helpful.  Visitors will bookmark these sites to keep up with the activity.  This type of a website also has less of a chance to have outdated content on the website which is a big turnoff to visitors. (again, another poor reflection of your clinic)
  5. Mobile Optimized – This is now the biggest factor in medical websites!  Over half of all the traffic going to medical websites is coming from smartphones or tablets!  When the visitor gets to your website using one of these devices and it is not mobile optimized on average, 80% of them will hit the back button and look for another site.  It would be a shame if you had all of the other bases covered and left this one off the list.  It could be costing you dearly.

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