Social Media Analytics For Urgent Care Marketing

Social Media Analytics For Urgent Care Marketing

By now you probably know that social media is extremely important for Urgent Care Marketing… If not, now you know.  IT’S VERY IMPORTANT!!!  With that said, its not only important to have a Facebook page and such.  This area has several angels that need covered.

1. Brand Following on the Main Channels –

The first step is getting out there!  The top 5 social sites for Urgent Care right now are:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest.  Just know that this could change tomorrow so be flexible!  From there you need to establish a following.  (Likes, Follows, Connections, Circles, Pins…)  Every channel has their lingo for when someone decides to connect with your brand.  The more the merrier, but it’s not just about a large following, it how you use it!

2. Follower Engagement –

Now that you’ve got people connecting with you on social channels how do you create engagement and why is it important?  Let’s first answer the “why”.  Without engagement no one is finding your activity relevant.  No likes, shares, comments, re-tweets, pins, etc.  You’re not going to get any new patients that way.  Not only is a lack of engagement directly effecting your connection to your audience on those channels, it’s effecting how Google looks at you.  One of the major ways they rank a website for a keyword is by social engagement.  If your followers find you irrelevant then Google’s taking their cue and ranking you accordingly.  The next part of that question is how do you create engagement.  It’s all about relevant consistent activity on the social channels.

3. Social Reporting 2.0

One of the most unique and powerful tools in our industry is our Social Media Analytics.  We have the top in the game!  No true competitor has this tool!  We have the ability to give weekly reporting for you and 3 of your top competitors.  We grade your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and your website’s blog activity.  The engagement scoring is based on likes, comment and shares of your content on those platforms.

Here’s a screenshot of 4 of the top Urgent Care Clinics in the nation.

Social Reporting 2.0 Facebook

We can see the over all results at the top.  As we scroll down we can see all of the channels this is a monthly report, but the norm is to get them weekly.  Below is the twitter section.

Social Reporting 2.0 Twitter

Next is Google +

Social Reporting 2.0 Google+

Next is Pinterest and LinkedIn

Social Reporting 2.0 Pinterest and LinkedIn

What we have here are just screen shots.  This is actually a live report!

 Click Here to see it live!

This data has led many Urgent Care Clinics to key info about their competition and how to beat them.  Where are the weak points in your competition?  What kind of activity is getting engagement and what’s not?  Would you like to try your report for FREE!?  Click Here To Get Started!