Local Search Urgent Care Marketing

Local Search Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent Care Clinics are one of the many business that benefit greatly from localized marketing.  Since an Urgent Care Clinic in Indianapolis is only interested in new patients that are in the greater metro area they won’t have to compete with an Urgent Care Clinic in San Diego.  They do however have to compete with other clinics in the same geographic area.  Sounds simple right?  Then why do so many clinics fail in this area?  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  We can help.  Here are a couple tips to get you started. To get a Free Local Search Analysis click here!

1. Internet Directory Saturation and Consistency –

Google is the main authority for search considering it’s 70% + market share, but they use data from all over the internet to prove who should be at the top of a search for a particular keyword.  This includes other search engines and directories.  The higher saturation of your business information and website link will help you rank higher.  We have tools that will help you get listed quickly in the top 50+ directories.  From there we can dive in and see how much we need to out pace the competition.  The main part about saturation is consistency.  It won’t matter how many directories your clinic’s listed in if every listing is different.  This can be as simple as a secondary phone number, previous address, variations in how the business name is listed, etc.  The things that must be the same to count is:  Business Name, Phone Number and Address.  Having a link to your website helps too.  Be sure to use the same link on all sites to link back.  Not sure if you’re listed in the directories correctly? Click Here To Check For Free!

2. Patient Reviews –

Over 90% of people looking for a local product or service start their search on the internet. (Even if they have to go somewhere locally to receive the product or service)  We like to research things.  With millions of websites at our fingertips we no longer settle for the biggest Yellow Pages ad.  We search out the best in service, location, price and probably the most important REPUTATION!  It warms my heart when I see an Urgent Care Clinic that “gets it”.  They have a steady stream of happy patient reviews on Google and various other review sites across the web.  I will have to say… My heart is not often warmed.  About 85% of the Urgent Care Clinics that hire us, this is the number 1 thing on the list to fix.  They have neglected their happy patients and the unhappy ones have wreaked havoc!  The person with the most motivation to give you a review is the one you ticked off.  Don’t let this happen to your clinic.  Not only will the bad reviews hurt your reputation, but the lack of reviews all together will only prove to Google your irrelevance.  We can help your clinic get the good reviews visible on the top sites and protect you from getting as many bad ones published.

If any of these items are a concern with your clinic please get with us for a free consultation.  These are both problems that have a solution and instead of costing you new patients, they can be a new source of revenue! To get started click here!