#theFlu – Why Hashtags Matter In Urgent Care Marketing

#theflu – Why Hashtags Matter In Urgent Care Marketing

So with Jimmy Fallon’s #Hashtag skits the world has come to know more about hashtags and how ridiculous they can be, but to a marketer they are a golden way to target your market by letting them but the target on themselves.  We’ll get into the data, but first here’s the latest video about hashtags from Jimmy Fallon



Hashtags are a great way to find out what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +.  If you know how to leverage the data, the possibilities are endless!  For an Urgent Care Clinic the flu and other health related topics are great things to follow on trends.  This can let you know how many people are talking about it, who they are, where they are and much more.  For a seasoned web marketer, this data is gold.  Here’s some of the data on #theflu.



theflu hashtag chart 1



Again, to most people this might not make a lot of sense, but let me give you an example of using hashtags to reach out to potential Urgent Care patients:

This next image is a screenshot of twitter.  I just searched for tweets that contained #theflu, #sick, and #callinginsick from people in the Oklahoma City area.  From here, if you were an Urgent Care Clinic, you could reach out to people that need your services.  You have the ability to reply to the post.  You could offer some sympathy or a coupon to the clinic.  There are many ways to reach out to real people in your area that have expressed a need that you can fulfill.  Does that sound like somethings you could use for your Urgent Care Clinic?


Twitter trending theflu


As you can see, some of the posts are not relevant to what you are looking for, but many are.  It does, however, take quite a bit of time and skill to make these strategies work.  We can help.  We can review your social campaign and give you tips on what to do yourself or we can take it and run with it for you.  Either way, the consultation is FREE! Click Here to get started!