Embarrassed About Your Urgent Care Website?

Let’s just get point out the elephant in the room… Your website is ugly!  “How did this happen?”, you say, but lets not worry about that right now.  Lets just focus on fixing it.  Still hanging onto it huh?  It’s OK.  We all get attached to things.  Kids get attached to a ratted old blanket just like we may get attached to a website that was built by a close relative or even someone in our own company.  Beyond the mental attachment there may also be some relational reason on why you haven’t pulled the trigger on getting a new website.  We get it.  It can be hard, but lets look at the facts and then make better decisions.

  1. 35% of consumers decided not to purchase, if a website is poor quality
  2. 45% of consumers believe that a bad website is worse than not having one at all
  3. 30% of consumers surveyed believe small business websites often lack essential features
  4. 28% found that the small business websites they use are “unimpressive”
  5. 29% report frequently finding errors such as typos or broken URLs or links

When we work on a marketing plan with a new client one of the first things we address is “is the current website marketable”.  This means more than looking good.  It needs to have curb appeal, don’t get me wrong, but does it have the functionality combined with graphic inspiration to allow a potential patient to find the website, within 20 seconds of the visit see what they are looking for and engage?

Those are the 2 big battles.  Can they get to the website, and then when they get there can we get them to engage?  Often times we will have to help an urgent care clinic climb out of one if not both of these pitfalls.  If your clinic has an ugly website and/or a non functional website we can help.  The first step is to take advantage of our free consultation.  Click Here to get started!