The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care – Part 1 of 10

1st Commandment of Internet Marketing for Urgent Care – “Thou shalt have no other jobs before me”!

This is the first of a 10 blog series.  These are the top areas Urgent Care clinics struggle with when it comes to Internet Marketing.  It can be a tricky task, but these 10 commandments will help.

Internet marketing is a jealous master.  If full attention is not placed on it, it can be assumed that the plan will die off rather quickly.  Many marketers will say that they are keeping up, but secretly they have failed to stay ahead of it.  Many staffed marketing directors are given several tasks as a part of their job description with Internet Marketing being one of them.  The major mistake is to think that Internet Marketing can be given part time effort with full time benefits.  This is a lie.  Internet Marketing requires a specific dedication.  Here are a few reasons why:

1.  The pace of Internet Marketing is light years ahead of every other form of marketing.

The key is to have relevant and timely influence in order to attract new business.  That can be quite difficult with an audience that is very fast paced.  The slow moving commercials and print media can miss such a target.  The internet is where to catch them.  By the time the video or print is finished the market may have shifted.  The part time Internet Marketers may miss those shifts and not realize it causing them to continue down a path of irrelevancy.

2. The technical knowledge needed is far more demanding to execute efficient Internet Marketing.

Due to the need to have good computer and technical skills, a part time Internet Marketer will never fully master the tools and techniques needed to get the most out of Internet Marketing.  The lack of technical skills not only provide limited ROI potential, it can also can cause significant losses.  (Example – Not knowing how to properly configure tools such as Google Adwords)

3.  The only consistency with Internet Marketing is change.

Part time Internet Marketers are always behind the curve.  Things change and they are scrambling to catch up.  The joke is told about how a new computer is outdated before you get it in the car to take home, well Internet Marketing is faster than that.  It takes a fully focused Internet Marketing team to stay ahead of the changes and develop plans to grow with the changes rather than surviving them.

If your Urgent Care clinic has a marketing director, please do them a favor and get them some help when it comes to Internet Marketing.  They have a lot on their plate and this doesn’t need to be on it.  Urgent Care 2.0 is equipped to handle all of your needs when it comes to the web.  Our consultations are free.  Click Here to get started.