The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care – 6 Mobile Marketing

6th Commandment of Internet Marketing for Urgent Care, “Thou Shalt Not Forsake Thy Mobile Users”! – Mobile Marketing

This Commandment focuses on Mobile Marketing.

Urgent Care Marketing - Mobile MarketingToday’s’ society is driven by mobile.  Most of America’s population has a smart phone.  Many households have completely abandoned traditional home telephone service and only use mobile.  Here are some other interesting facts that point out why mobile marketing is so important for Urgent Care.

– 90% of American adults have a cell phone

– 58% of American adults have a smartphone

– 32% of American adults own an e-reader

– 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

This next segment of information is called “Just In Time” users.  These are users that used their phones in daily life situations.  An April 2012 survey finds that some 70% of all cell phone owners and 86% of smartphone owners have used their phones in the previous 30 days to perform at least one of the following activities:

–  Coordinate a meeting or get-together — 41% of cell phone owners have done this in the past 30 days.

–  Solve an unexpected problem that they or someone else had encountered — 35% have used their phones to do this in the past 30 days.

–  Decide whether to visit a business, such as a restaurant — 30% have used their phone to do this in the past 30 days.

–  Find information to help settle an argument they were having — 27% haveused their phone to get information for that reason in the past 30 days.

–  Look up a score of a sporting event — 23% have used their phone to do that in the past 30 days.

–  Get up-to-the-minute traffic or public transit information to find the fastest way to get somewhere — 20% have used their phone to get that kind of information in the past 30 days.

–  Get help in an emergency situation — 19% have used their phone to do that in the past 30 days.

All of this data proves that mobile’s not going away anytime soon.  Not using it properly to market would be a grave mistake.  Here are 3 key ways to leverage mobile for Urgent Care Marketing.

1. Mobile optimized website –  Not tuning a website for mobile use makes it hard for users to navigate and read the website.  This can be a big waste if money had been spent on paid ads or on going organic optimization only to lose the visitor by not having a mobile optimized site.  Having a responsive website design or a stand alone mobile website would be a good solution for mobile marketing.

2. Mobile App – Having a mobile app can help bring in repeat business and brand loyalty.  There are several features that can help with this.  Here are just a few things that can be done with a mobile app for Urgent Care:
-Loyalty Programs
-Click To Call
-Directions & Maps
-Tell a Friend Feature
-Push Notifications (Medical Alerts)

3. Text Club – Some users may still have an older cell phone without app capability and others that do may not want to download an app even if it’s free.  Using an opt in text club can still keep those people informed.

If your Urgent Care Clinic has neglected your mobile audience the time is now to make the change.  All of our clients are experiencing over 50% of their traffic is coming from mobile sources and that number is climbing daily.  Let us help get you on track to more clients through mobile marketing.  Click Here to request your free consultation.