The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care – 9 Blogging

9th Commandment of Internet Marketing for Urgent Care, “Thou Shalt Keep Thy Website Content Updated”! – Blogging

This commandment focuses on Blogging.

Urgent Care Marketing - BloggingBy now blogging is a common term but what is a blog and how is it impactful for helping a website get found on Google?  A blog is just a simple way to update a website with relevant information about that company or the industry they are in.  It’s best to think of it as a special news channel just for that company or cause.  Here are a few ways a blog helps with SEO, building audience and converting website visitors.

1.  Prove Thyself To Google – Google looks at many metrics to prove weather or not a website is relevant.  one of the biggest indicators is by how often the website is updated.  If a 5 year old website has not been updated with new content since it was built 5 years ago Google figures that there’s not much relevant information on the site.  The best way to fix this issue is to have a blog built into the website and add new articles on a consistent basis.  Every new blog article is a change that gets Google’s attention.  If done correctly it will also add a new page or “node”.  The more indexed pages with relevant content the better for Google ranking.

2. You Have Not Because You Blog Not – To be found for a particular key word on Google there has to be matching content on the website in question.  Blogging gives a website endless opportunities to be found for a key phrase or word.  Just blog about the things that the website needs to be found for.  Put it in the title and content.

3. Others Shall Testify Of Thy Goodness – By having regular blog content available and sharing it on Social Media others will read the article and share it on their own social profiles as well.  The best form of advertising is word of mouth and social networking takes it to an untouchable level.  Keep putting out good content and over time it will be shared all over the internet through social networking.  This creates back links and brand awareness.

If your Urgent Care’s websites doesn’t have a blog or has a blog that is not regularly updated we can help.  Through our free consultation we can find the best way to get you up and blogging ASAP!   Click Here to get started.