The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care – 10 Press Releases

10th Commandment of Internet Marketing for Urgent Care, “Thou Shalt Testify Of Thyself To The Masses”! – Press Releases

This commandment focuses on Press Releases.

Urgent Care Marketing - Press ReleaseGet the word out!  Press releases are all about getting information out to the masses.  They have come along way over the years.  They started out with someone going around town by horseback shouting out the latest gossip of the town to the kid on the street corner shouting “Read all about it” while selling local newspapers.  Today the most efficient way to get the word out is using the internet.  One of the best tools is a digital press release. Here are a few ways a press release can help promote an Urgent Care Clinic.

1. Target Locally – A digital press release gives the ability to target key cities and/or regions to distribute the press release to.  This is a great way for content to end up on a local news station’s website.  Many of the locals who keep up with a local station will now have a chance to read the press release.

2. Target Industry Specific News Channels – A digital press release gives the ability in some of their packages to target authors and journalists of a particular industry.  This insures that the readers are already prepped on the type of content they will be reading.  This helps in making sure a relevant audience is reached.

3. Distribution Creates Back Links – By having a tool submit a press release to such a large audience mass back links will happen.  Almost all of the news sites that pick up the article will keep the back links in it.  One of the key factors Google looks for when ranking a website is back links so this will help out greatly.

Here are some ideas on topics to write a press release about for urgent care:
-New Locations Opening
– Community Events
– Service Specials
– Seasonal Health Awareness (Flu, Allergies, Etc)

If your Urgent Care clinic does not do Press Releases on a regular basis we can help!  We can review in our free consultation on the best way to use press releases to grow your Urgent Care.   Click Here to get started.