5 Must Haves for Urgent Care Marketing (PART 1)

Part 1 is Social Networking for Urgent Care Marketing

1. Social Network Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram; the importance of social networking sites in marketing an Urgent Care business cannot be emphasized enough, but just having them is not enough, it takes more to “Generate Traffic”, “Build  Brand Recognition”, and help prove “Relevancy” to search engines like Google.

  • Generating Traffic

Generating more traffic for to an Urgent Care business has simple and direct results; more traffic and repeat business translates to larger returns. Social media provides the perfect avenue an Urgent Care to reach out to it’s past patients, while at the same time attracting new ones.

  • Brand Recognition

When a business leaves a lasting impression on it’s patients, they will remember it. Word of mouth is an enormously powerful advertising tool; never before has it been easier for a person to share their experiences with friends and family. Social Media helps to develop an Urgent Care’s image through Social Posting, Blogs, and Reviews. While posting consistent content with all of these mediums are important, it is even more important that the content be valuable to the specific audience.

  • Search Engine Relevancy

Google is the leading search engine among users in the U.S. and being found on this engine should be a primary goal for any Urgent Care business, big or small. While just being found online is a great first step, this is not optimizing Return on Investment (ROI); ideally a business wants to be found first! This is where Relevance becomes paramount. When a possible patient searches for “Urgent Care” Google brings up, what it considers the most “relevant” search results. Google takes into account over 200 factors when comparing one Urgent Care website to that of it’s competitors. In order to beat out the competition it must “prove” to Google that this Urgent Care is more worthy of a top position than the others.

Most professionals understand that working in the medical field is challenging, stressful, and chaotic at times; that being said, taking on Social Networking for an entire business can be a daunting task. Thankfully there are Urgent Care Marketing Agencies willing to take these tasks on, and many of them understand that ROI is a primary goal.

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