5 Must Haves for Urgent Care Marketing (PART 2)

Part 2 is Web Design, Local Search Optimization, and Reputation Management for Urgent Care Marketing.

2.Web Design

The design of your website is a keystone in determining your future success on the internet. Just as your patients want to feel confident, comfortable and welcome inside your facility; We want them to feel the same way about the design of your website. When building your website using our “Mobile First” approach, we will work side by side making sure your voice is heard; while providing top functionality and equipping it with the much needed tools for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Mobile Marketing success. If you already have this in place then you’re on the right track!

3.Local Search Optimization

Whether you have one location or a dozen, as an Urgent Care business, it is imperitive that you get in front of your local audience. One of the amazing features of Google is that it can accurately determine if a search has local application. Using the consumers current location, Google is able to provide results about the local area tailored to what they are looking for. When searching for an “Urgent Care” Google intuitively knows the consumer wants to find a physical location, along with reviews and other information in order to make a decision about what Urgent Care to choose. The key to mastering this area of marketing is to ensure your local audience is choosing your Urgent Care over the competition. At Urgent Care 2.0 we ensure that each location gets the attention needed in order to be the obvious “best choice”. There are several factors involved with this process that many marketing companies miss. Urgent Care Marketing done right can be a powerful R.O.I. Tool.

4. Reputation Management

When a potential patient is confronted with a decision between two businesses, they overwhelmingly side with the business with the higher rating and better reviews. This portion of online marketing, if neglected, can have devastating effects on your Urgent Care. Unfortunately even if your business has no other presence on the web, it is still possible to have a negative image through reviews posted online. The impact of these online reviews on any business can be seen on Citysearch, Foursquare, Google, and other sources. A great Reputation Management system is fine tuned to not only reduce the impact of long term neglect, but to facilitate an atmosphere that encourages new good reviews, while filtering them to address concerns before they result in a damaging review. Overtime this is tailored and adapted to eventually give your Urgent Care the rating and recognition it deserves. If you are doing well with reviews be sure to protect that image with careful monitoring and follow up. Reputation Management combined with Local Search optimization is an Urgent Care Marketing double whammy that ensures your Urgent Care is chosen over your competitors on search engines like Google.

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