5 Must Haves for Urgent Care Marketing (PART 3)

Part 3 is Mobile Marketing for Urgent Care Marketing.

1)Responsive Mobile Website

In this day and age, with smart phones and tablets dominating the mobile access scene, you need to be sure that your website keeps up with the times. If your website is not mobile ready then you will be missing out on a large margin of potential clients. When your website is “responsive”, it is able to re-size and respond to any size screen, including smart devices. Studies show that more than 70% of internet access the web from their mobile devices compared to 22% from their desktop computers. This is why it is so important that your website is responsive and works no matter what format it is viewed in. If your urgent care marketing company has not caught on to this, then they are far behind the crowd.

2)Mobile App

Do you have an app? Is something you might become accustomed to hearing in the next couple years, if you have not already. It is becoming more common for businesses to accommodate their clients through an application for their smart mobile devices. Imagine if your Urgent Care had an app that allowed for your patients to check in before they came up to the office. Have instant access to coupons and alert them to specials you are having. Even provide them with a loyalty program and an easy avenue to give reviews!

3) Text Opt-in

Push notifications, special offers, and text alerts are all very important when reaching your Mobile Market. This has a lot of overlapping services provided by a Mobile app; however, it is much easier to get a client to opt-in to a text feature than a mobile app. Once they realize the value of having the text program, they are just a step away from installing your app and becoming a long term client.


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