Social Networking: Agency vs. In-House

Still wondering whether social networking is for you? Or, perhaps, you are wondering whether the cost is “really worth it.”  Americans are continuing to take more active roles in their personal health decisions, and they are using the Internet to find healthcare providers.  The use of social networking has become one of the most vital tools in that decision-making process.  In fact, companies that fully embrace social networking engagement are experiencing a much higher (up to four times) business impact than companies without social networking presence. – Click Here for more interesting facts about social networking

Social Networking: In-House

But who do you trust with the important mission of cultivating  your personal business brand?  Properly executed social media marketing campaigns help connect, interact and build all-important relationships with patients. It’s a huge job for one person.  In fact, in a perfect social networking setting, your company would have a designer, video producer, public relations manager, and strategist extraordinaire.  Since that’s quite a budget for a new project, the job might be given to Bob.  Bob is a very organized, detailed planner with a great attitude. Since social networking is Bob’s only job, he might be able to get a pulse on the ever expanding world of social networking; however, he just can’t do it all.  Or perhaps the job falls to Debbie – overstretched already, but has a basic working knowledge of some social media, so this becomes her new “bonus” gig.  “It will look so great on the resume!”

On the other hand… Social Networking: Agency

Why not hire a team of many for the price of one? The costs associated with one full time employee solely dedicated to social networking might be better spent funding a full social media networking campaign.  The annual budget might then include research, planning, strategy and execution along with design, social community management, short term and long term campaigns and promotions, analytics and reporting, and the list goes on and on.  A package custom tailored to fit your needs by an agency of people ready to brainstorm from every angle to give you the very best.  Your social networking presence is your voice and image for all the world to see.  Can you really afford to take a sick day?

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