Urgent Care Marketing and SEO

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization: It’s Like Cake

First things first, when considering Urgent Care Marketing online, search engine optimization is not optional. It is vitally essential to the success of your urgent care. So, what are search engines looking for? How can you build a website that is pleasing to both consumer and search engines? And lastly, how can SEO make your website profitable?

In the urgent care marketing world, think of your website like a cake. Your icing is beautiful and artfully done – your links, paid search and social media give a flawless, inviting appearance. However, your content, information architecture, content management and infrastructure are the sugar. And the recipe you are using might have little to none. . You need sugar to make a great cake! You also need to have the additional ingredients that search engines like Google pick up on. That is where SEO comes in.  It is the aroma that leads people to your cake, and invites them to take a bite. But beware if the customer digs in and your website is soon uncovered as tasteless and boring… they might not ever go back for a second bite

The goal of  search engine optimization is not to cheat the search engine. In fact, the goals are to create a great experience for the user and communicate to search engines that you own the bakery as far as cakes are concerned. When you allow great search engine optimization to communicate your intentions to search engines, your website is recommended for relevant searches. It’s actually called “organic ranking.”

So, what’s relevant for SEO? What are search engines looking for? Well, content is a given. Themes, text on the page, titles and descriptions are all important. How fast does your site work and does it work properly? Performance is very important in the Information Age. Are other sites using your website as a reference? Are you seen as an authority online? Lastly, but most importantly, how does your site look? Is it easy to navigate and secure? Don’t forget keywords! User experience will make or break your website, but SEO is what gets them there.

Not sure if your recipe is making the cut? Let us take a bite and give you an honest analysis.

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