Mobile Marketing Trends and Campaign Tips

Mobile Marketing: Make a Killer First Impression

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a nexus for businesses to make their mark. You might already know that most people reach for smartphones as opposed to laptops these days, but did you know that the style, layout, and simplicity of your website is actually your first impression to a potential client? In fact, up to 94% of people will reject a company based on website alone. In this Information Age we live in, people will hear about a company and instantly search Google to see how credible you are through your online presence. Let’s go over a few basic “must-haves” for your business and other mobile marketing opportunities.

First, a responsive web design is critical for mobile marketing. This means that your website can easily transition from a traditional desktop or laptop screen to a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, seamlessly. The goal is to build an client experience that is truly cohesive, allowing clients to focus on an actual experience, rather than the frustration of zooming in or out, words falling off the screen into Never-land, and certain portions of your site being inaccessible through mobile devices. It’s like walking into a waiting room with open walls, chairs missing and forms to fill out without a pen in sight. In order for a business’s mobile marketing campaign to get off the ground a responsive website must be a priority.

Mobile apps are imperative to mobile marketing. It’s no secret that most people are searching for ways to be more efficient as the human attention span decreases and commitments and workloads increase. Again, smartphones and tablets play a huge role in this lifestyle. We rely on these devices to deliver information. Currently, 38% of daily media interaction is done on smartphones! When you give your clients the ability to download your app, it builds loyalty, reinforces your brand, and increases your accessibility and visibility that in turn strengthens your mobile marketing push. Your client can also get notifications of special events, reminders, has one touch access to your contact information and can even schedule fast, seamless appointments. Did you know that promotional email messages receive about 4% read rate whereas push notifications from an app receive about 97%? Whoa, now that is crazy effective mobile marketing!

Last, but certainly, not least is mobile marketing through “text marketing”. Remember that marketing is essentially about staying in front of your client and building a relationship. Text marketing is an excellent way to keep your relationship with your client alive and to build rapport after (and even before) they actually are in need of your services. Clients can receive appointment reminders, birthday messages, learn about special events and promotions, and even just friendly tips.

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