Facebook Advertising and Management

Facebook Advertising: The Newest Edge in Marketing.

Ever wonder exactly how Facebook knows what you’re thinking? It’s pretty amazing! Curious about how you can harness the power of Facebook advertising for your own business? Let’s talk about the basics of Facebook advertising and what it can do for you.

The first step, of course, is to build your Facebook page. If you have experience with a personal page already, this should be fairly simple. I will say that Facebook advertising for your business absolutely belongs on a separate business page for credibility purposes alone. This allows you to use unique photos to advertise your business and allows your clients to “like” your page and spread your information into their network of friends.

Facebook ads will help you target specific groups of people within Facebook. This means that you show up in their news-feed, and you can build your ad around a certain demographic, or even have several ads running simultaneously to target several demographics at once. Facebook also has tools that easily help you monitor which ads work best for your business.

Engage! No, this is not Star Trek. In order to fully utilize your Facebook advertising, you must engage your fans. A single word and a hand gesture would be very cool, but totally ineffective. In the world of Facebook, this means you have the opportunity to post relevant content to build relationship with your fans and followers. Ask questions, pin important posts to the top of your page, and, most importantly, take the time to respond to your followers’ questions and comments.

Encourage your followers. When people feel a connection on Facebook, they aren’t afraid to share it. Remember the ice bucket challenge? Or each and every cat video that pops up on your news-feed? Posts go viral when followers and friends of followers “like” a post. When you encourage your followers to “check-in” to your location or open up a relevant topic for discussion, it encourages your followers to comment and like your post. As they respond, their friends now see your post and have the opportunity to weigh in. Ultimately, you gain followers by association even if they’ve never set foot in your place of business. You also have the option of promoting your post through Facebook advertising tools.

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