Urgent Care 2 Point 0 Explores HIPAA and Chiropractic Regulations

Marketing for HIPAA & Chiropractic: Are You Adjusted for 2014?

Curious about marketing regulations for your practice? Does internet marketing combined with HIPAA compliance seem overwhelming? In today’s world, it’s easy to unintentionally fall into a perceived gray area when strategizing internet marketing compliance for chiropractors. Let’s walk through a few recent changes in HIPAA regulations as well as some tips on how we can help build the perfect strategy for you.

First, you can rest assured that we are fully aware of HIPAA compliance, and that we are actually regulated by HIPAA as well. In fact, any marketing service or vendor that you would consider hiring to create and/or promote your website or manage your social media must take appropriate measures to protect your data against security breaches. In our free marketing analysis, we will discuss an overall strategy that meets your needs and also protects the integrity of your patient information.

Do you love the idea of patient testimonials or images on your website or displayed on your social media outlets? As long as you have your patients’ consent, we would love to help you get that information out there for all to see. Just make sure you have written releases secured and kept on hand for future reference.

When HIPAA was created in 1996, social media didn’t really exist at all. Now, most people won’t even walk into a business without first researching online and looking for reviews, social media presence and quality of website. These things have become the new “first impression” when patients seek any type of care, from babysitting to chiropractic. Spend your precious time with clients, and let us worry about your first impression.

When creating your internet marketing strategy, a crucial area of compliance is being aware of those on staff who might have access to protected health information (PHI). We prefer a very transparent relationship with all clients, but most especially in the area of social media efforts and campaigns. We understand how important privacy and internet marketing compliance for your chiropractic practice is and want to ensure that you are advertised as well as protected.

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