Giving Thanks: Blue Ridge X-Ray Company

Big thanks to the Blue Ridge X-Ray Company!

At Urgent Care 2.0, we enjoy strong relationships with great partners. This week, we would love to tell you a little more about Blue Ridge X-Ray Company.

Blue Ridge is approximately 32 years old and is a national independent distributor of imaging equipment, service, and supplies. Blue Ridge distributes quality x-ray supplies, accessories, equipment and service for hospitals, physicians, chiropractors and veterinarians. Blue Ridge represents Pinnacle’s line of imaging as well as some of the leading manufacturers of medical imaging systems like Summit, Quantum, Konica, Carestream, Agfa, and Malinckrodt.

The quality of field service is very important to Blue Ridge X-Ray Company, proudly represented by a growing workforce of factory trained service engineers. Almost half of the workforce, in fact, is composed of factory trained service engineers who perform expert installations, preventive maintenance and also emergency repair. Blue Ridge X-Ray Company is very dedicated to a superior quality of field service which has played a huge part in client loyalty since inception.

Worried about the cost of converting to digital? Don’t be. Blue Ridge has you covered. First, Imaging Consultants can help you decide on a solution that works best for you by evaluating your volume, features and desired workflow. You can customize a solution based on your exact need, size and budget, from equipment to service contract. Also, most customizations mean that your business has growing room. Not a numbers person? Blue Ridge has a simple Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to take your financial options into account, including utilizing connections with leasing companies.

We have enjoyed getting to know Blue Ridge X-Ray Company through Mike Evans, Imaging Consultant for North/Central Florida.

To learn more about what Blue Ridge X-Ray Company can do for you, visit the website at