Internet Existence for Urgent Care Marketing Part 1

Urgent Care Marketing: Get a good website

Urgent care marketing cannot begin without a website, because the website is the platform all of your future urgent care marketing. It is without a doubt that as everything has rapidly gone digital, and patients are finding everything online, including their urgent care providers. Some statistics show that approximately 80% of patients find urgent care providers online prior to visiting them. Facebook is a good start, but your business needs more than just a social presence. The majority of these patients are using search engines like Google. With that said, a website is the first impression that future patients will have.

How many times do you think a patient has logged into Google to find an urgent care in their time of need? Try Millions nationally every year. If you do not have a website created for your urgent care, then you aren’t being found and that is money you’re loosing out on. Your urgent care marketing campaign cannot truly begin until you launch a website.

Maybe at this point you want to get your urgent care marketing started by building your website, but you don’t know what you should put on your website? At the very basic level, your urgent care website should tell your patients what services your urgent care can provide before they even step foot in the building. Patients need to be able to easily find you, know what your hours are and know how to contact you. Moreover, they need to know what insurance and payment types you accept.

We no longer live in the age where business just comes to you. These days you have to market yourself and reach out to the public, because you have many urgent care competitors. To grow an urgent care marketing campaign you have to be determined,hard-working, and knowledgeable about the internet. You have to be willing to let your urgent care business flourish online in order to push that urgent care marketing campaign. Since technology is the new way of life it makes sense to make your urgent care have a web presence and establish community engagement.

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