Responsive Websites for Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent Care Marketing: Smart websites

Is your urgent care marketing strategy hitting a plateau in this digital age of smart phones and tablets? These devices have revolutionized the approach to website design and user experience. Before cell phones or tablets came along, the main focus was trying to get website designs that would function with multiple browsers. If you’re only worry is this and your website doesn’t fit on smaller screens, then your urgent care website might need to be upgraded to be viewed by mobile devices. Your website needs to be responsive to be the best website it can be.

If your website doesn’t adapt to fit the smaller screens of a cell phone or tablet, then you just might be missing out on patients who would have otherwise visited your urgent care facility. When your website is responsive it means that the page is able to automatically re-size itself to respond to any size screen. When it changes to fit smaller screens, the information stays uniform, but is shifted to allow for an optimal viewing experience.

Still wondering why is it significant to have a responsive website? It has been said that eighty percent of patients find urgent care providers online prior to visiting them and more than fifty percent of them are using a mobile device for their searches. Responsive websites makes it easier for patients to view the content of your website and makes navigating it effortless. This is why it is very important to make sure your website is responsive.

In some cases you might just have a separate website that works for mobile devices, keeping your original website up for computer use only. The sister website would make it easier for patients to see your website in a “smart way,” while allowing you to maintain your original design should you wish to keep it.

Will you join the modern age, break your urgent care marketing campaign free from constraints, and upgrade to a responsive, smart website?

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