The Many New Ways of Urgent Care Marketing: Part 4

Urgent Care Marketing: 12 internet marketing strategies

We hope our last three posts have helped you begin some spring cleaning for your urgent care marketing campaign. Thus far, we have listed nine different ways your urgent care marketing campaign could be improved. We have just a few more things to reveal that may help you get more patients and keep your urgent care business rolling. The final three new ways of urgent care marketing strategies are as follows:

1.) Online customer service: Having ways to make patients’ lives easier is great. For example, allowing patients to check-in online provides them the ability to do so before even leaving their homes and decreasing their wait time. That’s great customer service! Another way to improve customer service is by having a way for patients to pay their bills online. People lead busy lives and if they don’t have to make the extra stop to pay off their bill at your physical location, that’s just one more way you have made their lives easier.

2.) Local listing updates: Local listings are an online version of directories. It’s important that each listing is complete, accurate and matches all other listings. This is especially important for those appearing on Google.

3.) Blogging: Content such as blogs are a great way to produce ongoing changes for your urgent care website. This will keep you fresh in the eyes of followers and for Google. These can be automatically pushed to your social media pages for even more exposure, directly linking back to your website.

As you can see it is very important to stay updated in this digital world we live in. Having a fantastic online presence will be your ticket to receiving more patients and keeping the ones you already have. Are you equipped to handle all of these new ways to keep your urgent care marketing campaign current? If any of these aspects seem too hard to handle on your own, we’re here for you.

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