Getting More Reviews The Easy Way

Automatically Asking For Patient Reviews

You’re probably aware that one of the largest pieces of the urgent care marketing puzzle consists of maintaining reviews, but how do you get them? A lot of the old fashion methods for review requests consisted of gathering a long list of patient emails, waiting until you had a worthy amount, and sending out bulk emails. Is this your method?

The problem with this method is that many people have began to recognize this bulk email as spam. In most cases it would never even get opened. If you waited too long to ask a patient about their visit they may have already forgotten what their initial feelings were towards your office and leave a subpar review.

How would you like to see your review ranking on websites like Google rise? Maybe you have a great ranking, but you’d like to double, triple, or even quadruple the current number of reviews that you receive on a regular basis? This isn’t impossible! In fact, our urgent care marketing team has taken the same concept of review request emails and made them more personalized and a lot faster for each patient.

This seems like a daunting task and sounds like it would take a lot of extra effort on your part, however; with the right tools in place it doesn’t take any longer than it does to gather the patient’s data that your front desk staff should already be gathering when they visit your urgent care clinic.

With the entrance of a patient’s email address into the review portal, that we set up for your office staff to utilize, a single automated email message gets sent to just that one patient right around the time they leave the office. This is the key to the whole method as that way the visit is still very fresh on the patient’s mind by the time they get the email request.

So ask yourself if your urgent care marketing technique is in need of more patient reviews. If so, let us show you how it’s done!

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