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Urgent Care Marketing Via Kind Attitudes

Urgent Care Marketing Isn’t All Online When our business, Urgent Care Marketing 2.0, was first launched we started with putting in the work necessary to bring urgent care clinics to a higher ranking on Google. Since then, we’ve branched out a little more in the coaching side of things to really help urgent care business […]

The New Trends Of Urgent Care Marketing With Facebook Ads

Facebook Has Changed Urgent Care Marketing… Again! Some urgent care managers have tried urgent care marketing on their own and often believe that no one would click an ad these days. They’re wrong! Our urgent care marketing company is no stranger to utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms to help our clients reach more […]

The Importance Of Ongoing Urgent Care Marketing

Why Urgent Care Marketing Requires Upkeep Whether you’re paying an internet marketing company to get your name ranked high on the front page of Google search results or you’re doing all the hard work yourself, you may find yourself wondering what happens if you stop. The fact is that doing things the “white hat way” […]

When Should You Update Your Urgent Care Website?

Updating Your Urgent Care Website: Are There Rules? Website design, like all other forms of technology, are seemingly always evolving. If your urgent care website has been the same since the 1990’s, or even the early 2000’s, then it’s probably stuck in cyberspace and not being found by many people. Those that do happen to […]

Getting More Reviews The Easy Way

Automatically Asking For Patient Reviews You’re probably aware that one of the largest pieces of the urgent care marketing puzzle consists of maintaining reviews, but how do you get them? A lot of the old fashion methods for review requests consisted of gathering a long list of patient emails, waiting until you had a worthy amount, […]

Clues Your Urgent Care Website Is Obsolete: Part 2

2 Signs That You Have An Outdated Urgent Care Website If you are one of those urgent care owners that actually pays attention to your online ranking and you’ve noticed a gradual dip in traffic then you may be losing patients to other competitors. In part one of this series, we went over 2 signs […]