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The Many New Ways of Urgent Care Marketing: Part 2

Urgent Care Marketing: 12 internet marketing strategies In part one of this four part series we discussed improving your urgent care marketing campaign by utilization of a responsive website, paid ads and organic links, and having an ad landing page. Overall, it is all about getting the most SEO so that your business can continue […]

Responsive Websites for Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent Care Marketing: Smart websites Is your urgent care marketing strategy hitting a plateau in this digital age of smart phones and tablets? These devices have revolutionized the approach to website design and user experience. Before cell phones or tablets came along, the main focus was trying to get website designs that would function with […]

Urgent Care Marketing and Reputation Management

Urgent Care Marketing: Patients trust online reviews When planning out your urgent care marketing campaign there are so many aspects to consider. A very powerful way to keep patients coming to your facility for care is managing your reputation. Imagine if your urgent care has been established, you have a website and you’re trying to […]

Urgent Care Marketing & Internet Videos

Urgent Care Marketing: Join the video craze Urgent care marketing is no exception to the ongoing advancement of technology. With the increased use of the internet for business needs, you have to be willing to evolve or you’ll get left behind. As aspects of our lives becomes more technologically enhanced people expect more of it […]

Internet Existence for Urgent Care Marketing Part 1

Urgent Care Marketing: Get a good website Urgent care marketing cannot begin without a website, because the website is the platform all of your future urgent care marketing. It is without a doubt that as everything has rapidly gone digital, and patients are finding everything online, including their urgent care providers. Some statistics show that approximately 80% of patients […]