First Week Of 2014 Gone!

Well, a week has already passed in 2014.  Time does not slow down!  It always seems like we have less of it every day.  There are 2 ways to handle this ever growing problem.

1.  Find a better way to manage it

The more efficiently we can use our time the better you feel and you will get more accomplished.  Take the time to analyze how your time is being spent.  From there you can develop a plan to eliminate the time wasters and focus on the things that truly matter.  Here is a link to a free time management quiz that should help you get started.

Time Management Quiz

2. Delegate tasks that you don’t have time for

Most of the reason why we don’t have enough time to complete everything we need to do is because we are literally trying to do EVERYTHING!  Not only are you taking on too many tasks, but you are taking on tasks that you have little expertise in.  Many Urgent Care Clinic Marketing Directors have a great understanding of what is needed to drive in new and repeat customers.  Where most of them struggle is implementation of the plan.  They are the ones who get stuck with doing everything marketing and PR related.  They can usually handle most of it without a problem.  Then there’s the website… Facebook, email marketing, and the list goes on.  Not only does the list go on, it keeps changing making it virtually impossible to keep up with.  That is where Urgent Care 2.0 comes in.  We spend all of our time mastering the arts of online marketing.  With our expertise at your disposal we can save you countless hours of marketing research and implementation.  Not only will you save time, but you will get better results due to our experience and ongoing familiarity in Urgent Care Marketing.  Get started with a Free consultation.  There’s no obligation, just an analysis and a recommendation from the industry’s leaders on how to improve your situation.  CLICK HERE to get started!

Knowledge and Care

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
― John C. Maxwell

Happy New Year! Top 10 Urgent Care Marketing Resolutions for 2014

I hope that all of you reading this are enjoying the first new day of the year! If you are like most business owners/managers you may be thinking on how to better run your Urgent Care / Walk In Clinic business. Here are the “Top 10” things to keep in mind about the coming year and how it will affect your business.

1. Get the most out of your technology spending

Many of the businesses we help have spent some big bucks on a combination of about 15 – 20 techno tools to help then run and/or market their business. Not only is some of it a bit excessive, they also can’t use all of the tools effectively or consistently. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money is wasted every month on unused subscriptions and tools.

The solution – Go through and review the tools and subscriptions you have. Document the cost and how often it is being used. From there give it a priority score of 1 – however many total tools you have with 1 being the most important. From here you can see very quickly where you can cut some dead weight. Just don’t make the mistake of cutting a tool that could greatly benefit your company, but is currently not helping due to a lack of use or understanding. Instead, make the decision to get trained on the tool and make the time to use it or hire a company that specializes in that tool or field to take care of it for you.

2. Get ahead of the mobile curve

Of all the Urgent Care / Walk In Clinics we do marketing for the fastest growing trend is “Mobile”. This can effect your business in multiple ways.
A. How they find you – The majority of people looking for an Urgent Care / Walk In Clinic are doing the search from their smartphone. Most of them are using Google. How are you listed in the “Local” search area of Google? If you are in a fairly populated area you may not even pull up on the first page of local options. If you do pull up you probably have some negative reviews that are effecting the customers decision on where to go. To fix this issue I would hire a professional. It takes a specialized knowledge of Google’s local search results to better your placement and reputation. It’s also not an overnight fix so be patient.
B. Now that they have found you, what do they see on your website? Can they even see your website on a smartphone? Every Urgent Care / Walk In Clinic that we have helped did not have a “Mobile Optimized” website. Some sites were build with old flash technology that won’t show at all on iPhones and iPads. Others were visible, but very hard to read. The content was so small that it was not legible. The solution is having a “Responsive” website design that will adapt to the viewer or to redirect the customer to a completely different mobile site. From here the customer can properly see the content and have the most important calls to action easily accessible.
C. How they pay you – Many smartphone users are adopting the use of “Digital Wallets”. This is still a fairly new concept, but soon it will replace physical credit cards. Many retail shops already have the mobile payment options available. My advice is to get ahead of the curve. Not only does it show that you are staying technology relevant, you are inspiring your customers by embracing it. As a society we are drawn to the latest and greatest technology. That is why people camp out in lines days before the release of a new phone. Make your business one that draws people in by keeping current with innovative technology.

3. Connect with your customers

Social networking has given you the ability to engage with an audience like never before. Every other method of communication is one way only. Like the TV, they sit and watch, but they can’t converse back to you through the TV… Well, not yet anyway. I encourage every business to post often to their social sites. Not only post, but engage. If that is an area that is lacking due to time or expertise, just hire it out. Social media is not going away and it is the word of mouth marketing for this generation. Ignoring it will be eventually be death of your business.

4. Improve your customer service

It seams like every year things go by faster and faster. Most of that is due to technology. Things that used to take a long time have been changed by the use of technology. Think about mail and the Pony Express. It could take months to get a message from California to New York. Now with email it only takes seconds. Think about this with your customer service. Are you still using the Pony Express or have you embraced technology to be more efficient in servicing your clients? Look at every angle of your business with that reference and I bet you will find a few things that could be done better for your clients if you simply got on board with the current technology or methods. If you refuse to change you may be pushing your customers away by all of the inconveniences of your old fashioned ways. There is one old fashioned thing that I will never advise you to change, “the human touch”. Make sure to keep it real. Too much automation can also be a drag. Examples (“Please press 1 for….”, 20 automated emails in a month, etc)

5. Give marketing some proper attention

You may be surprised at how many business do not have a marketing plan or budget. They just throw money at the business from time to time and hope it sticks. Others have a plan and budget, but no way of determining true effectiveness. Today there are many tools that can show you where your marketing investments are paying off and which ones should be retooled or scrapped altogether. We make it a focus to review the opportunities that exist and how best to achieve them. From there we have weekly reporting to keep the plan on track and to see the progress. Not every plan is a strait line. Things change and you need to be ready to see the indicators and adjust the plan ahead of the curve. With having a marketing team there to help you can stay on top of everything and come out a winner every year.

6. Adapt to new social media

Visual based social networking sites are growing in large numbers. The top 3 social sites of 2013 were Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Right behind them were YouTube and Pinterest. The fast approaching is Instagram, Tumblr and Slideshare. Be sure to keep track of your target demographics and connect with them on their preferred social site. Most of our clients have added YouTube, Pinterest and/or Instagram.

7. Google changes, so should you

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. It is wise to follow their rules and changes to rules. Having a marketing team that partners with Google is vital. This way you can be assured that they are keeping your company in the know about what Google is looking for. It is a full time job, so don’t be upset if you or your marketing director falls behind on what’s working and what’s not. Get us involved. We will save you time and money.

8. Invest in digital security

Not only do you want to grow your business, you want to keep all of that customer and revenue growth from being stolen due to poor security measures. It’s bad enough when big box retailers like Target get hacked and expose millions of credit cards, but in the medical field you have much more to worry about. The lawsuits around HIPPA compliance are not cheap. Be sure you have invested wisely in the protection of your data. This means your internal systems to your website. If the website is not a a platform that is getting regular functionality and security maintenance you could be exposing your customers that use the website. Many customers will pay their bill or communicate with you through the website. Keep that data safe.

9. Prevent Employee / Contractor Fraud

Setting the expectations up front is key with anything. Code of conduct or ethics should be no different. Review this with your company’s attorney and make sure that every employee and contractor reads and signs the agreement.

10. Find your Unique Selling Proposition

Urgent Care is a booming industry. Even now it may be hard to tell one from the next. Make sure that you have branding consistency in every way possible. With that branding make sure you have a message that stands out and separates you from the competition. You may offer many of the same services, but you need to do it in a way that is above the rest. Using technology and great customer service are key. If you are finding it hard to find the difference maybe its time to talk with a consulting service to find that edge and leverage it. We would love to help!

I hope you found our “Top 10” helpful! If you have any questions or need help implementing any of these action items, please get in contact with us. We would love to help! With that said, Happy New Year! May it be a prosperous one for your Urgent Care / Walk In Clinc