Facebook Ads- Urgent Care Marketing

The New Trends Of Urgent Care Marketing With Facebook Ads

Facebook Has Changed Urgent Care Marketing… Again!

Some urgent care managers have tried urgent care marketing on their own and often believe that no one would click an ad these days.

They’re wrong!

Our urgent care marketing company is no stranger to utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms to help our clients reach more followers, but the name of the game has changed overtime. Now, Facebook ads are no longer just a “one size fits all” mechanism to help potential patients recognize an urgent care clinic.

Facebook ads now come in several varieties! You can choose to do video ads, multi-product ads, photo ads, event ads, retargeting ads, or boosted post ads, just to name a few.

What’s more important is that, as a company, we’ve really learned a lot about harnessing the powers of Facebook ads to make them both highly effective and fully optimized. For example, using the proper targeting methods ensures that the cost of the ads will remain as low as possible while still attracting the correct audience.

The biggest mistake for urgent care marketing with Facebook ads is believing that you have to target EVERYONE.

You don’t!

There is a large enough Facebook audience that you don’t have to be afraid of narrowing down your selection! In fact, statistics tell us that as of the fourth quarter of 2016, there were a recorded 1.86 billion monthly active users. With that being said, you should have no problem picking a targeted group of people (such as by age, gender, their location, their profession, etc.) and still reaching plenty of people.

The large amounts of people practically living digitally on Facebook should be enough for you to be interested in advertising your urgent care marketing campaign. In case you need a little more convincing, here are 3 reasons why Facebook ads are working better than ever:

  • They can be relevant to today’s society.
  • They have the potential to be visually appealing.
  • They can provide a clear “call-to-action”.

Diving in to get things just right does take a bit of a learning curve and if you’re simply too busy to do it yourself, that’s where companies like ours come into play. We’d love to help you stay up-to-date and take advantage of the newest trends circling Facebook ads. If you need our help, we’re here. Give Urgent Care Marketing 2 Point 0, Inc. a call @ 405-788-2619 to discuss your next campaign.

3 Tips To Drive Patients To Your Website

Tips To Help Patients Find You

As an urgent care business owner it can often feel too difficult to rank higher than the competition and get your name out in the digital world. You don’t have to be an urgent care with 30 locations to beat the odds and stake your piece of property in the land of urgent care marketing. Many people searching for urgent care start looking online, first. Of course, you want your name to appear in the search results. You can follow these simple tips to help drive patients to your website and boost your urgent care marketing campaign.

1. Email Lists: Email can actually be useful to your urgent care marketing plan. You can build an email group by having a monthly newsletter for people to opt-in on. Once they sign up, you have the ability to drip feed content that informational and helpful. Review requests can also be sent to help people leave you positive reviews on Google, which makes your urgent care name look that much better.

2. Facebook Marketing: There are a few ways you can use Facebook to your advantage when planning out your urgent care marketing campaign. One way is the use of Facebook ads and you chose the specific demographic information for those you’d like to target the ads to. You could also track those who have visited your website to re-market to those same people on Facebook.

3. Website Blogging: With enough effort, urgent care marketing is easy with blogging. If you blog often enough with solid content it can help drive patients to the website. You can also share links on social media, like Facebook to bring more viewers. You can also talk about issues in your blogs that people often seek answers to, therefore; bringing value to patients.

These tips sound easy enough for urgent care marketing, right? These are some of the most basic things you could be doing to get your website noticed. If you want to know more or need some help getting started in the right direction, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to have a consultation with you and find out about your marketing needs.

Maximize Your Urgent Care Marketing With Google Adwords & Facebook Ads

Is Your Urgent Care Marketing Ready For Flu Season?

Fall is in the air! You know what that means! Flu season is just around the corner. Yikes. Are you maximizing your urgent care marketing strategy for flu season? Let’s talk about a couple simple ways we can help.

You may have noticed simple ads popping up on your computer screen the last time you googled a particular topic or visited a specific website. Ever wonder how your competitor got so lucky? Well, Google has a simple, straightforward way to market your business that can meet any budget. With Google AdWords, you set your daily ad budget. You can also change your budget anytime you like. Best part? You only pay when potential customers click on your ad to visit your website. Because let’s face it… how many people click past the first couple pages of Google’s search results? Very few! You want your urgent care message to pop up at the right time, relevant to the right search topics. You can also choose to advertise to potential customers two towns over or two thousand miles away.

You are what you like. Urgent care marketing for flu season can really thrive through the use of Facebook ads. These ads are targeted according to your Facebook profile information, including your age, location, education, relationship status, interests and much more. You are able to set a targeting filter to narrow down the scope of people who see your ad. When you “like” something on Facebook, you are essentially adding information to your personal information, and can then become part of the target market based on your most recent and relevant “likes.” Essentially, Google bases search criteria on the words you type, and Facebook bases search criteria on your personal information and interests. Both offer detailed reporting that can tell you what’s working and what isn’t, so you can work to constantly improve your urgent care marketing! Flu season doesn’t have a chance!!

Now that you have a basic understanding of some wonderful marketing tools for urgent care during flu season, let us help you work out the details and put together a customized campaign for you! To sign up for a FREE Urgent Care Marketing Analysis, Click Here.