Urgent care marketing strategy

What’s Your Urgent Care Marketing Strategy?

Urgent Care Marketing To Increase Patient Volume

As the owner or operator of an urgent care clinic you may find yourself thinking there’s no need to advertise or market your practice, because everyone gets sick and will need your clinic eventually, right? That may have been the case when it was simply a question of whether to visit an urgent care versus the emergency room. Many patients quickly found out the benefit to receiving quicker care at the urgent care. Now, of course, there are tons of urgent care clinics that have opened up and that means more competition. You’ll also notice many of them are using some kind of urgent care marketing techniques.

How will you stand out amongst all those other walk-in clinics?

Do you have an urgent care marketing strategy?

If increasing patient volume and maintaining some repeat visitors is one of your urgent care business’ main goals to accomplish, then you really should develop a strategy for online marketing. Here are some ideas which should be the initial focus:

  • Build a custom website that’s also mobile friendly (responsive)
  • Develop custom content
  • Utilize Search Engine Optimization practices (keyword ranking, traffic generation tools, etc.)
  • Maintain online reputation
  • Optimize your business for local search
  • Use social media to your advantage (ads, posting, management, etc.)

All of the suggested starting points listed above are just scratching the surface of what can be done online these days. If you’re too busy running your urgent care business to set aside time to figure out how to run an urgent care marketing campaign, we’re here for you.

If you need professionals in the marketing field with knowledge about your industry, give us a call so we can put together the best possible urgent care marketing strategy for you! Our urgent care marketing team can be reached by calling 405-788-2619.

How To Advance Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent Care Marketing: Local Search Optimization

If your urgent care marketing strategy leaves you wondering where you’re at on the map, then you need a little boost. Have you ever noticed that when you Google search for a company, occasionally a mapped area will pull up to the right of your screen? That map has pin drops of locations for the company you searched for and the links on the left side of the screen are associated with the map. This is local search optimization at work.

You can use local search optimization to advance your urgent care marketing to an all new level. Local search will take your web presence from being in the “no watch hour” to being “prime time hour.” With local search your patient numbers will increase like never before.

The reality is that you’re a local urgent care and you need patients to find you. Local searches are more likely to lead to patients visiting an urgent care facility. Studies suggest that more people will visit an urgent care after finding it on the mapped section of Google search.

Local search optimization is your urgent care marketing strategy expert. What it does is populate your link to your website onto the map section of Google search. This is a very powerful tool to gain patient attention. Have more than one location? That’s not a problem. If you have multiple urgent care locations in one area then all of them can be featured on the map as long as the correct methods are being applied to do so. As an added tip; it would be a good idea to create a page on your website specific to each physical location. This way, anyone searching for your business in a particular region, city, state or country should be directed to the appropriate page.

With professional local search optimization you’re urgent care company’s name will land on a map in no time.

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Urgent Care 2.0 To Visit The Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association September 2014 Seminar

Bringing internet marketing to the chiropractic world.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with the Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association! Join us for the September 2014 Seminar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association will gather to uphold the science and philosophies of chiropractic while giving chiropractors ideas to help strengthen business through internal management, community awareness and even political involvement.

We will be onsite to help chiropractors uncover opportunities for growth in our area of expertise: We want to make sure your business is noticed in the right places for the right reasons! We offer customized websites (without the headache) that are easy to operate through mobile devices. Social media have your head spinning and not sure where to start? We can keep it clean and simple for you, but make sure your posts are relevant and noticeable. Not sure why your colleague and competitor down the street gets more Google hits (and therefore more traffic) than you do? We’d love to give you a brief rundown and give you the chance to level the playing field.

Ever have a curious or skeptical potential client that just won’t come through the front door? Video marketing might be the answer for you! Imagine that potential clients could get a taste of what chiropractic can do, alleviating questions and fears before ever walking into your practice. This also gives you great opportunity to become a familiar face before your client walks in the door. We offer customized marketing solutions that factor in your most urgent needs with the promise of relationship that allows you to evolve your strategy over time.

Can’t wait to see you at the Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association’s September 2014 Seminar!

Not a chiropractor? Tell your chiropractor about us! If he or she would like a preview, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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5 Must Haves for Urgent Care Marketing (PART 2)

Part 2 is Web Design, Local Search Optimization, and Reputation Management for Urgent Care Marketing.

2.Web Design

The design of your website is a keystone in determining your future success on the internet. Just as your patients want to feel confident, comfortable and welcome inside your facility; We want them to feel the same way about the design of your website. When building your website using our “Mobile First” approach, we will work side by side making sure your voice is heard; while providing top functionality and equipping it with the much needed tools for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Mobile Marketing success. If you already have this in place then you’re on the right track!

3.Local Search Optimization

Whether you have one location or a dozen, as an Urgent Care business, it is imperitive that you get in front of your local audience. One of the amazing features of Google is that it can accurately determine if a search has local application. Using the consumers current location, Google is able to provide results about the local area tailored to what they are looking for. When searching for an “Urgent Care” Google intuitively knows the consumer wants to find a physical location, along with reviews and other information in order to make a decision about what Urgent Care to choose. The key to mastering this area of marketing is to ensure your local audience is choosing your Urgent Care over the competition. At Urgent Care 2.0 we ensure that each location gets the attention needed in order to be the obvious “best choice”. There are several factors involved with this process that many marketing companies miss. Urgent Care Marketing done right can be a powerful R.O.I. Tool.

4. Reputation Management

When a potential patient is confronted with a decision between two businesses, they overwhelmingly side with the business with the higher rating and better reviews. This portion of online marketing, if neglected, can have devastating effects on your Urgent Care. Unfortunately even if your business has no other presence on the web, it is still possible to have a negative image through reviews posted online. The impact of these online reviews on any business can be seen on Citysearch, Foursquare, Google, and other sources. A great Reputation Management system is fine tuned to not only reduce the impact of long term neglect, but to facilitate an atmosphere that encourages new good reviews, while filtering them to address concerns before they result in a damaging review. Overtime this is tailored and adapted to eventually give your Urgent Care the rating and recognition it deserves. If you are doing well with reviews be sure to protect that image with careful monitoring and follow up. Reputation Management combined with Local Search optimization is an Urgent Care Marketing double whammy that ensures your Urgent Care is chosen over your competitors on search engines like Google.

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The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care – 5 Local Search

5th Commandment of Internet Marketing for Urgent Care, “Thou Shalt Submit Thyself To Google Maps”! – Local Search

This commandment focuses on Local Search.

Local SearchLocal Search is arguably the single most important factor in gaining new urgent care business from the internet.  Here are 3 factors used to determine this decision:

1. Search Engines using user IP’s to provide Geo-relevant search results –  Back in the early 2000’s if someone wanted to see local options for a search they would have to include the city, state or region in the search with the key phrase.  Over time Google along with other search engines have changed their methods to display results based on location of the searcher based on their IP address.  This changed the game for local search.  Local search is much faster and accurate on sites like Google.

2. Enhanced Content (Map Placement, Reviews, Menus, Reservations, Etc) – If there’s a local search result for a popular key phrase, (urgent care) Google will show “Enhanced Content”.  For Urgent Care Clinics this will most likely show up as a map and pin dropped locations with reviews, driving directions and more.  When enhanced content shows up for a local search it usually gains the most attention and ultimately new patients.  Studies have shown that approximately 90% of the search traffic will click within the first 3 map results options on Google.

3. Mobile Searches thrive on Local Search data – When a smartphone is used to make a search it gives the search engine the option to pinpoint their exact location and give local search results based on where they are in relation to the search options.  From there the user can click on the directions link and get turn by turn directions to an Urgent Care of their choice.  When the need for Urgent Care arises it’s usually a fairly “urgent” matter, so the clinic that can be found the easiest and prove to be a quality location based on the quick reviews will win the new patient.

With this being so important it’s recommended to check the performance of business listings often for accuracy of information, reviews and placement for key search terms.  If this hasn’t been done is a while or it’s been done with poor results being found we can help.  Simply sign up for a free consultation.  We can develop a plan to maximize getting new patience by using Local Search.  Click Here to request your free consultation.

The Milk And Cookies Of Internet Marketing

How can a cookie be fully enjoyed without milk being involved? The only answer is that it can’t happen.  It can be enjoyed to an extent, but the full effect only happens when both components are consumed together.  The same is true about the relationship between social networking and local search.  Both areas of internet marketing are powerful tools on their own, but used properly together in an internet marketing plan they become unstoppable.

How Social Networking and Local Search work together for Internet Marketing –

  • Facebook – When at a local business Facebook gives an option for a “check in”.  This allows the user to socially identify where they are physically.  This has great benefits to the business.  Every person connected with that individual has a chance to see that status update and engage with it.  If the local business was not setup in Bing Maps correctly it won’t allow the user to find their location and “check in”
  • Twitter has a similar option when tweeting, but it will only show the location of a tweet rather than a “check in”.
  • Google + is a combination of many Google tools graphed together to create a social network.  The most used is the combination of the personal profiles and Google Places.  This area of Google used to stand on its own, but now only lives in Google +.  To write a review on a local business the user has to be logged in to their Google + account.  When the review is displayed it is physically on Google +.
  • Yelp, TripAdvisor and others – Many directory/review sites have integrated their platform with social networking.  Many of them even allow a user to create and log in to their account by using credentials from Facebook, Twitter and others.  When logged in they will also show you special content based on activity from that user and their connections on that social channel.  The best example is restaurant suggestions based on reviews from friends.

There are other examples on how Social Networking and Local search work hand in hand.  To get the most out of both internet marketing avenues they need to be used in a joint plan.  If you are currently only using one or the other, or you use them both but they have zero correlation there’s been money left on the table.  We can help to fix this.  Sign up for a free consultation today.  Click Here to get started.