The Milk And Cookies Of Internet Marketing

How can a cookie be fully enjoyed without milk being involved? The only answer is that it can’t happen.  It can be enjoyed to an extent, but the full effect only happens when both components are consumed together.  The same is true about the relationship between social networking and local search.  Both areas of internet marketing are powerful tools on their own, but used properly together in an internet marketing plan they become unstoppable.

How Social Networking and Local Search work together for Internet Marketing –

  • Facebook – When at a local business Facebook gives an option for a “check in”.  This allows the user to socially identify where they are physically.  This has great benefits to the business.  Every person connected with that individual has a chance to see that status update and engage with it.  If the local business was not setup in Bing Maps correctly it won’t allow the user to find their location and “check in”
  • Twitter has a similar option when tweeting, but it will only show the location of a tweet rather than a “check in”.
  • Google + is a combination of many Google tools graphed together to create a social network.  The most used is the combination of the personal profiles and Google Places.  This area of Google used to stand on its own, but now only lives in Google +.  To write a review on a local business the user has to be logged in to their Google + account.  When the review is displayed it is physically on Google +.
  • Yelp, TripAdvisor and others – Many directory/review sites have integrated their platform with social networking.  Many of them even allow a user to create and log in to their account by using credentials from Facebook, Twitter and others.  When logged in they will also show you special content based on activity from that user and their connections on that social channel.  The best example is restaurant suggestions based on reviews from friends.

There are other examples on how Social Networking and Local search work hand in hand.  To get the most out of both internet marketing avenues they need to be used in a joint plan.  If you are currently only using one or the other, or you use them both but they have zero correlation there’s been money left on the table.  We can help to fix this.  Sign up for a free consultation today.  Click Here to get started.