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Urgent Care Marketing Strategies To Close Out Your Year Strong

Urgent Care Marketing For The Final Quarter

The “race” to the end of the year is finally upon us as the final quarter has started. Most urgent care clinic owners understand that the final few months of the year (as with all quarters) play a vital role in operations, just as if they were like any other business. Of course, you’re going to want to end this year strong, but what if you could take some time to focus your urgent care marketing efforts on ways that would have your numbers looking even better by the next quarter? In this final quarter you can put some good marketing strategies to use to end this year with a bang. Two of the best ways to help your marketing efforts pay off are to focus on your patient relationships and invest in SEO marketing to boost your clinic’s name on search engines.

Patient Relationships: Connecting with your patients is the easiest way to gain their trust. Look for ways to make a personal connection with as many patients as possible. You could set up an automatic emailer to send out to those who just visited your location and ask them for their personal feedback or review or your location. Responding to negative reviews with a possible solution is one way to build trust and hopefully keep the patient returning!

SEO Marketing: To really pull of a great search engine optimization marketing campaign it’s going to take a few months of hard work. The pay off for investing time into this urgent care marketing strategy is that your name will inch closer and closer to the top of important search engines on the internet, making patients that much more likely to choose your clinic over a competitor.

Some people may not think of urgent care marketing as being their answer to success, but it truly can ensure a successful quarter come 2018 and will make you feel better about your efforts towards the close of the current year. A good urgent care business planner knows that at times opportunities for change should be taken. Why not take a chance on marketing?

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How To Improve Your Urgent Care Marketing And Business: Part 2

Make Leaps With Business & Urgent Care Marketing

Urgent care businesses are popping out of the wood work these days, because the natural human desire when visiting the doctor is to make it snappy. People are always saying how they don’t have time for this or that and heavy wait times at doctor’s office is one of those things. How in the world do you manage to draw patients into your urgent care when there are about five other places seemingly just like yours to choose from? With a few simple changes mentioned in part one of this series and the ones we’re going to mention here. Using these methods you get two benefits; it improves your urgent care marketing and your urgent care business!

1.) Staff: Don’t just hire to manage, hire staff that will make things run smoother. If your nurses are able to take down all vital information before the doctor gets into the room it translates to less waiting for the patient. Cross training staff to do more will also decrease patient wait times. Customer service or in this case, patient service is one of the most important things you have control over to really improve your urgent care marketing and business practice.

2.) Reviews: If you’ve gone above and beyond to make your patients’ visits the best that they could be then you want to know about it right? Of course you do! Do you know who else wants to see those success stories? Potential patients do and they will be looking on search engines like Google to find them. There they have the ability to read up on past patient reviews before making their decision to visit your urgent care. Take the time to establish a routine to get patients to leave you reviews. Not only does it help people make a decision about your urgent care, but it also helps your urgent care marketing campaign as reviews will boost your ranking on Google.

We’ve talked about how urgent care marketing and business can be improved by you being mindful of your operational hours, having pre-registration options, hiring the right kind of staff members and by obtaining reviews. All of these things will allow you to make positive changes to keep you in the game. In the words of Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Are you ready to make some changes in order to make your urgent care marketing and business more successful?

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The Many New Ways of Urgent Care Marketing: Part 2

Urgent Care Marketing: 12 internet marketing strategies

In part one of this four part series we discussed improving your urgent care marketing campaign by utilization of a responsive website, paid ads and organic links, and having an ad landing page. Overall, it is all about getting the most SEO so that your business can continue to grow. In part two of this series, we will discuss three more ways you can enhance your urgent care marketing for the future:

1.) Online videos: Videos are quickly becoming a very important piece of any urgent care marketing strategy. Publishers who use graphics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who do not. People would much rather watch a video than read text; plain and simple. In fact, research tells us that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and 40% of people will respond better to visual information better than plain text.

2.) Social media postings: Engaging your patients and potential patients is a powerful way to gain attention. Did you know that being present on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In can affect your website’s online visibility? It’s true! The more traffic you gain to social media sites, the more patients will be likely to visit your website and “check you out.” You can use humor, informational posts and other pieces of your personal flare to get people interested.

3.) Online review management: Urgent care patients can play a major role in controlling your image with their online reviews. According to findings published by BrightLocal in their annual Local Consumer Review Survey, eighty-eight percent of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. If your practice does receive a negative review, the best thing you can do is to respond to it quickly and ask how you can make it right. One service we offer is the ability to pump out your positive reviews to many different review websites for all to see.

Do you know what people are saying about you? Do you have engaging social media postings? Do you have online videos? If not, these are things you should consider adding to your strategy for better urgent care marketing. Stay tuned for more information in part three of this part four series!

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Urgent Care Marketing and Reputation Management

Urgent Care Marketing: Patients trust online reviews

When planning out your urgent care marketing campaign there are so many aspects to consider. A very powerful way to keep patients coming to your facility for care is managing your reputation. Imagine if your urgent care has been established, you have a website and you’re trying to go full speed ahead, but a negative review has people turning away. Your urgent care marketing strategy might be to include some reputation management tools.

So you think you’re providing the most excellent customer service? Just keep in mind, that what people say about you online has become the most influential way others decide whether they want to visit your urgent care. Online reviews are becoming one of the most important reflections of your urgent cares’ quality, the doctors’ reliability and their skills.

According to findings published by BrightLocal in their annual Local Consumer Review Survey, eighty-eight percent of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. This is why reputation is so vital. All of your other urgent care marketing strategies such as SEO, social media postings and local search optimization are meant to put you in the spot light which means that they will inevitably lead patients to check you out.

If you have a reputation management system in place you will be able to know what your patients are saying about you. This way, you can tweak your customer service skills for better performance in the future. By having a professional marketing team help you, many disastrous reviews can be eliminated before they bring you down. Great reviews will be distributed to multiple review sites. By being able to keep tabs on what is being said about your urgent care, it can help you head off major issues before they boil over.

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Patient Reviews – They Will Make Or Break You!

Over 90% of the US population use Google to find local products and services.  This means Urgent Care too!  As of right now, over 368,000 people in the us “Googled” the phrase “Urgent Care” in the last 30 days.  When the search results appear, Google will have detected the users local area and shown a list of relevant choices in the Maps area.  The first thing to pay attention to is your placement in that list.  If you are not in the top 3 you probably won’t get much attention… Unless you have something that stands out.  REVIEWS!!!  How are they looking?  Of that 90% that “Googled” to find you, 97% made their decision based on the reviews.  I have seen Urgent Care Clinics at the top of the Maps and never get any new business from it due to an overwhelmingly bad perception painted by the negative reviews of other patients.  Its hard work to get to the top of that list.  It would be heart breaking to have that work go to waste by bad reviews.

Now other Urgent Care Marketing companies will tell you that is the most trusted site to read reviews of physicians.  Well, I beg to differ!  The facts I see show otherwise.  If you go to, (a website to grade other sites and give insightful data) you can look up  It shows that over 67% of its traffic comes from search engines like Google.  That means that about a 3rd of their traffic is made up from referral and direct traffic or paid ads.  The majority does not even know that the site exists.  Now I will say that it is good to have your physicians’ profiles updated on Healthgrades, but I wouldn’t put as much time and effort into pumping reviews to it.  The other thing to consider about Healthgrades is that people are savvy.  When they see a site like this they feel as though they are getting pushed with the provider who pays the most to be at the top.  Although this is not always true of directory sites, it is quite common.  They also know that they are in the game to make money off of the traffic to the site through ads.  The 3rd thing is that it is yet another website in the way of them making a quick decision.  We don’t have time to click through directory to directory to find a reputable Urgent Care Clinic.  If they go to Google, which they do, they can see a list with reviews that are monitored and quality checked by Google, the worlds largest search engine.  By the way, only about 50,000 people in the last 30 days looked specifically for Healthgrades on Google.  Compare that to the above number of people who searched “Urgent Care” in the last 30 days. (368,000)  That doesn’t even count all of the variables of the phrase.  Example Urgent Care in (name a city)

If your clinic is having trouble getting found in the Maps area of Google, or if when they do find you they see several bad reviews, we can help.  The first step is filling out our request form for your Free Business Listing Report.

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